Dr. Benjamin Striem
Food Technology consulting
and Product Development
Food Technology Expertise - at your disposal

Dr. Benjamin Striem earned his Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and
has diverse experience in industrial aspects of food processes. He was hands-on
experience as Deputy to Production Manager, Product Developing Food
Technologist, Research and Development Manager, and consulting many
companies and private entities. (
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Dr. Benjamin Striem earned his reputation as an honest and persistent advisor,
developing many new products and improving many other, using his scientific
background and open minded thinking outside of the box, creating innovative
solutions, while taking into consideration the efficiency of the industrial
manufacturing processes, raising the products’ quality along with reducing
production costs.  
Dr. Benjamin Striem is specializing in soy products, developing meat substitute
materials. Using okara he developed also gluten-free pasta and bakery items.
Dr. Benjamin Striem is an expert in improving taste and product quality with the
consumers’ satisfaction in mind, employing healthy and environmentally friendly
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