Experienced food technologist advising in food technology and product development
  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry (Biochemistry of the Taste Sense), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Teacher in a course of Food Chemistry and Analysis, in the Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew
    University of Jerusalem.
  • Food Technologist and Deputy to Production Manager, Pri-Tnuva Ltd. Rehovot, Israel - citrus and
    tomato processing.
  • Product Developing Food Technologist, Solbar Hatzor Ltd. Ashdod, Israel, producers of soy protein
    concentrate and extruded protein concentrate products.
  • Research and Development Manager, Sunfrost Ltd. Israel, the largest processor of frozen vegetables
    and ready-made foods in Israel.
  • Consultant, Advising different companies in food technology, sensory analysis and taste panels.
Providing consulting in various food related topics:
  • Improving manufactoring methods
  • Optimal use of ingridients
  • Improving existing products and developing new ones

Specializes in:
  • Vegetarian products: soy, tofu and vegetables
  • Ready-made foods - meals, soups and sauces
  • Formed and fried products
  • Juices and jams
  • Flavor systems for special products
Dr. Benjamin Striem
Food Technology consulting
and Product Development