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    1990    Ph.D. in Biochemistry (Biochemistry of the Taste Sense), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    1985    M.Sc. in Food Technology and Biochemistry, at the Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    1980    B.Sc. in Food Technology, at the Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Work Experience

    2001- current
    Independent Consultant, advising different companies in food technology and developing new products.
    Specialization in processed vegetable food products.
    Consultant to the American Soybean Association on utilization of soy products in Israel and abroad.

    Research and Development Manager, Sunfrost Ltd. Israel.
    Sunfrost is the largest processor of frozen vegetables and prepared foods in Israel.
    Job function: developing frozen prepared foods, vegetarian and vegetable products, frozen and concentrated soups,
    introducing new frozen vegetables and mixes to the local market.

    Product Developing Food Technologist, Solbar Hatzor Ltd. Ashdod, Israel.
    Solbar Hatzor is one of the few producers of soy protein concentrate and extruded protein concentrate products.
    Job function: developing “end products” to the extruded soy products, demonstrating the possibilities to customers inland
    and abroad. Technical assistance to the marketing manager.

    Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Food Technologist and Deputy to Production Manager,  Pri-Tnuva Ltd. Rehovot, Israel.
    Pri-Tnuva was a canned citrus and tomato processor.
    Job function: planning and executing the production in the plant, developing new products.

    Hebrew, English and German.
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