Biotech tools and methods to enhance future progress
  • My educational career brought me to develop molecular markers for seedlessness in table grapes.
  • I was also lucky to spend my Post-doc at Cornell University learning how to genetically alter vines.
  • The field of molecular markers has since made significant changes and progress. Even in Vitis, many
    genomic maps became available, and linkage of markers to traits of commercial importance started to
  • I strongly believe that using the advantage of molecular biology can help breeders advance their
    breeding programs.
  • Molecular markers can help with choosing the right parents to combine.
  • Molecular markers can help with identifying the individual seedings which actually cary the desired
    alleles, even before they express them.
  • Molecular markers are very efficient in incorporating traits like resistances into commercial varieties.
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Dr. Michael Striem
    Breeding Consultant
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    Michael Striem, Ph.D.
    Grape Genetics Research
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