There are four major areas in which you could have my consulting services:
1. Hard-Hat:
-  'Hands-On' in the vineyards making new crosses and new selections.
-  Evaluating selections in advanced trials.
2. Lab-Coat:
-  Genetic design to plan new crosses for specific goals.
-  Evaluating parental lines for genetic value adding diversity.
3. One-on-One:
-  Training and guiding breeders.
-  Specific genetic value of parental lines and ancestor cultivars.
4. Biotech for
-  Developing molecular markers to assist breeding programs.
-  Using fingerprints to protect
intellectual property (IP) rights.
Please contact me to discuss how I can enhance your program.
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    Michael Striem, Ph.D.
    Grape Genetics Research
    Research - Breeding - Consulting
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