To Dalia Striem
With Love
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Last updated: 14 March, 2012
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Happy 56th Birthday Dalia !!
When we just met -
at Kibutz Afiq on the Golan -
we established our relationship.
It was "close-to-earth" and "very-natural".
An ilustrated poem (in Hebrew) describes a
Rosh-HaShana trip to the "wahdi" (creek).

In PDF format
Dalia Striema
We wish you to be
so happy for ever!
Striema will be 56
Born on 21 April 56
her mother Stefie
called her: "Doolie".
Now we do poems about her, 56
Everybody are welcome to reach 56
In color, English or in Hebrew
Find Word doc
here (Hebrew).