Effie is a special
young woman.
Effie has played with Young Israeli
Phylharmonic Orchesta (YIPO)
marvelouse concerts.
Thank you, Effie !!!!

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She likes
Effie plays
percussion and
The YIPO's members range in age from 14 to 18, and live throughout
Israel. Most have received scholarships from the American-Israel
Cultural Foundation. They come together for intensive training twice
a year, for a week in the winter and a few weeks in the summer.
During these sessions, they are coached by leading professional
musicians and practice under the batons of premier conductors.

The YIPO also awards an Outstanding Player Scholarship
commemorating Moshe Chelouche, the first Chairman of the IPO.
This year the award went to the percussionist Effie Striem, an
enthusiastic, slender blonde girl with a winning smile.

I truly believe that this project is a gem. Bravo!

By: Nina Reshef
  Performance by young Israeli musicians was simply . . . Mahler-velous
The event was the annual concert given by members of The Young Israel
Philharmonic Orchestra (YIPO), this year under the baton of the Austrian
conductor Johannes Wildner. The piece they played, Mahler's 5th
Symphony in C-Sharp Minor, was chosen in celebration of the 40th
anniversary of the Jerusalem Music Center, which took charge of the YIPO
eight years ago. The fact that the kids in the orchestra met the symphony's
challenge with love and great proficiency was applauded with cheers from
the audience.

By: Nina Reshef
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