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Striem, H.L. 1954  
Striem, H.L. 1954
Striem, H.L. 1959 The properties of waves at Israel's coast:
    Bull. Res. Counc. Israel, Vol. 8 G (4); 200-211.
Striem, H.L. 1964
Striem, H.L. 1967
Striem, H.L. 1967
Striem, H.L. 1971
    The offshore bars at Ashdod and the marine processes affecting them;
    Ph.D. Thesis; Hebrew University, Jerusalem; 1-168.
Striem, H.L. and Rosenan, N. 1972
    Seasonal fluctuations of the mean sea level at the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean:
    Intern. Hydrogr. Rev., 49 (2); 129-136.
Striem, H.L. and Rosenan, N. 1973
Striem, H.L. 1974
    Storm surges and unusual sea levels at Israel's Mediterranean coast: Intern.
    Hydrogr. Rev., July 1974, 51 (2); 59-70.
Striem, H.L and Tadmor, J. 1974
    The improvement in the calculated annual wind frequency distribution at a coastal site in Israel, due to observations in
    consecutive years:
    Israel Journal of Earth Sciences, Vol. 23 (1-2); 23-24.
Striem, H.L. 1974
    The mutual independence of climatological seasons, as reflected by temperatures at Jerusalem, 1861-1960,
    Israel Journal of Earth Sciences, Vol. 23 (1-2); 55-62.
Tadmor, J. and Striem, H.L. 1974
    Quantitative comparison of siting policies for nuclear reactors, and assessment of hazards due to additional
    population at proposed reactor sites in Israel:
    Israel J. Techn., Vol. 12 (2); 105-113.
Striem, H.L. 1975
    The offshore current near the coast of Ashdod,
    Isr. AEC Rpt. IA-LD-1-101, June 1975, 13 p.
Rosenan, N. and Striem, H.L. 1975
    The mean daily variation of barometric and pressure, its characteristics, its constituents, in Israel and neighboring
    Arch. Met, Geoph. Biokl., Ser. A, 24; 329-345.
Striem, H.L. and Miloh, T. 1975
    Tsunamis induced by submarine slumping off Israel's coasts: Isr.
    AEC Rpt. IA-LD-1-102, July 1975. 1976 Int. Hydrogr. Review: 53 (2), 41-55.
Vered, M. and Striem, H.L. 1976
    The Safed Earthquake of 1.1.1837 and its and implications on seismic risk evaluation in Israel,
    Isr. AEC Rpt., IA-LD-1-105, April 1976
Vered, M. and Striem, H.L. 1976
Miloh, T. and Striem, H.L. 1976
Striem, H.L. 1977
    A long-term (1860-1970) change in the regime of barometric pressure at Jerusalem and its relation to rainfall: Isr. J.
    of Earth Sciences, Vol. 26 (1); 24-29.
Striem, H.L.and Rosenan, N. 1977
    The seasonal variations in spring tides and  in hourly mean sea levels, used in evaluating the major components of the
    semi-diurnal tide at Ashdod:
    Isr. Met. Res. Papers, Vol. 1, Isr. Met. Service, pp. 18-30.
Striem, H.L. and Vered, M.1977
    A comment on "Approach to the study of the and imarrubbici phenomenon", by P. Coluci  A.
    Michelato, Boll. Geofisica, Trieste.
Vered, M. and Striem, H.L.1977
Ramati, A. and Striem, H.L.  1977
    Estimating precipitation quantities in rainy periods  in  Israel:  
    Isr.  AEC  Rpt., IA-LD-1-109;
    also in Proceedings of Annual Meeting in Isr. Geogr. Soc., Beer-Sheva, 6-8 December, 1977, (in Hebrew).
Striem, H.L. 1978
    The offshore bars at Ashdod, their topography, seasonal behavior and some quantitative relations.
    Presented  at 10th Int. Congress of Sedimentology, Jerusalem, 9-14 July, 1978.
    Also published as Isr. AEC Rpt. IA-1299, July 1974, 34 pages.
Alter, J., Ilberg, D. and Striem, H.L. 1978
    Planning for safety review of nuclear power plants in Israel:
    IAEA Vienna symposium on problems associated with export of nuclear power plants; SM-223/12, p. 17-25.
Striem, H.L.  1979
Striem, H.L. 1980
    Climatic fluctuations in Israel – invited paper for Hydrology Symposium,
    Proceedings Int. Union Geophys. Geodesy (Isr.), Tel-Aviv, September 1980.
Striem, H.L. 1981
    The use of geodetic information in investigating surface dislocations:
    Israel Atomic Energy Commission, Tel Aviv, Research Laboratories annual report, p. 213-214, Jul 1982,
    p. 213-214, IA--1375, Published in summary form only.
Striem, H.L.  1981
    Climatic fluctuations in Israel, viewed through rainfall regimes: Archly. für Meteorologie, Geophysik und Bioklim.,
    Ser. B, 29; 357-364.
Striem, H.L.  1981
    Properties of rainspells at Jerusalem, and some of their implications for the rain-producing process;
    Isr. Met. Research Papers, Vol. 3, Isr. Met. Service.
Striem, H.L. 1983
    A NW-SE trending watershed in the north-western Negev:
    Isr. J. Earth Sci.,32, p. 52.
Meyer, W. and Striem, H.L. 1983
    Geological indications for young horizontal displacements in the Central Rhenish Massif,
    N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. Mh., H2, 97-100, Stuttgart.
Striem, H.L. 1983
    Results of an investigation of macroseismic data:
    Abstract of lecture at Symposium on "Earthquake Hazards in Israel", June 5, 1983, Acad. of Sciences, Jerusalem,
    Earth Science Admin., Ministry of Energy, 4 pp., (in Hebrew).
Striem, H.L. 1983
    Correction factors for evaluation of macroseismic intensities in urban areas in Israel:
    Isr. Atomic Energy Commission Rpt. IA-LD-78, 8 pp.
Striem, H.L. 1985
    Quantitative and qualitative aspects of the recent climatic fluctuations:
    Isr. J. Earth Sci., 34, pp. 47-48.  
Striem, H.L. 1985
    Evaluating water resources in the light of climatic fluctuations in Israel,
    In: Scientific Basis for Water Resources Management (Proceedings Jerusalem Symposium, Sept. 1985), IAHS
    public. no. 153, pp. 411-421.
Striem, H.L. 1986
    Macroseismic effects in Israel due to earthquakes in the nineteen-fifties:
    Isr. Inst. Petrol Research and Geophys.,Rpt. Z1/567/79(43), 37 pp.
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