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  • After many years of breeding various crops I have found that the breeder must focus on the traits of
    highest importance. Reaching the optimum variety is not done in a single cross and a single generation.
  • First step is to prioritize the traits in the breeding program. Each cross on the program has a range of
    traits which could be improved.
  • Second step is to set the range of values which each trait could express. It works best for me to use a
    scale of 1-5 (1= low to 5=high).
  • Then one needs to find the best way to measure the performance in an efficient way. When under the
    vine in the heat of the day you should have objective and easy tools to take the data.
  • It is important to make consistent records of the selections evaluated. These data serve later in
    designing the next generation of crosses. So having a good idea of the possible range of each trait is
    very important.
  • The same set of criteria is used to evaluate advanced selections in trials.
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