Lab-Coat - analytical genetic analysis
  • Designing the crosses each year is my most favorite season. In spite the fact that I need to sit most of
    the time at my desk, I find this part to be the most challenging and exciting job.
  • It starts with reviewing the notes I took during the season in the vineyards. The ideas I had under the
    vine are often worth trying.
  • Then I review the data of previous crosses of the same type. I look at the parental lines, if they were
    successful in inheriting alleles to improve their offspring.
  • Sometimes even grandparents and ancestor varieties can provide hints for the potential for a certain
    parental combination.
  • At my desk I spend most of the time entering data to files which are the tools to sort and correlate
    information. While doing so, a manual attention to the data gives the chance of (a) identifying
    individual selections with extraordinary trait composition and values, but also (b) finding mistakes in
    the records.
  • Designing the crosses is the most professional stage in the breeding process. Having some genetic
    knowledge and understanding the inheritance of traits is key to making best cross combinations.
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    Michael Striem, Ph.D.
    Grape Genetics Research
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