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About Michael Striem
Last updated: August 9, 2010
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The CD contains
    1. The Database Excel file
    2. A template Excel file to 'Add-your-data'
    3. The Introduction
    4. The Manual
    5. Free extra files on the CD
You will need basic knowledge of Excel to use the application.
A limited support is provided by email. For more comprehensive support please contact me.
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To efficiently use the Breeding Tools one needs to have
basic Excel knowledge.
  • Clicking, scrolling, copy/paste, save-as, simple functions,
    and so on.
  • With more advanced knowledge of Excel you could add
    columns for traits' data, for example.
  • With more advanced knowledge you are welcome to add
    macros and functions.
    Michael Striem, Ph.D.
    Grape Genetics Research
    Research - Breeding - Consulting
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