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Last updated: 15 July 2013
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26 March 2012
Today I have established this board (blog) to post my thoughts and comments.
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15 May 2013
Yesterday Erez and Gal got married. It was a lovely event. I am very proud of my brother and
his family. I am glad my parents could enjoy the happiness of their grandchildrens' generation.
10 May 2013
It is a whole year now and even I did not get here to update my thoughts - Boohoo  
On March 26, 2012 I was still working with my brother,
Dr. Benjamin Striem, developing his
new products.
During this year I have become a teacher. I even attend
college classes two full days every
week to earn a teaching diploma.
I have taught science 8th graders last year for about two months. This year I was teaching
science younger kids, from 2nd grade to 6th grade, September to January. This was an
eye-opening adventure for me and I learned a lot! Eventually I have dropped teaching these
classes at the end of January for one main reason:
I felt not ready to teach so many new children  in a horrible shouting and yellimg way... it was
destroying me and their passion to investigate and research science. So I quit!
But I do keep teaching one full day at the same school in the
Educational Garden. This is lots of
fun! I am very proud of the nice garden we have managed to develop!  Way to go!
. .
Michael Striem
15 July 2013
It is now two weeks after my 60th birthday.
I have decided to mark the beginning of my second half of life by inviting my closest family and
friends to a relaxing time on the Tel Aviv Bugrashov Beach. It was a lovely fun event at which my
dear children have prepared a very special greeting card, which they have presented to me there,
you can see it here:

It so happened that I have spent most of my Birthday at the ER with my parents due to urological
problems my father developed. In the afternoon we have hospitalized him for further observation
and treatments. My dear brother spent the night next to our father’s bed, while I was lucky to have
had a nice BD-Dinner at a restaurant with Dalia and Ophir’s family. It was just fabulous.

The whole week and weekend were dedicated to our father. He was released from hospital on
Monday, and is back home now. We are all exhausted. Thank God it is summer vacation now, and I
have more available time to provide help to my parents.

Today I helped my father take a shower and planted some new flowers in their pots on the balcony.